The Cape Farm Alliance is a group of farmers, fishermen, gardeners, horse lovers, business owners and supporters of a vibrant and sustainable local food future for Cape Elizabeth. We work cooperatively throughout the year to “ensure Cape Elizabeth’s farming future,” to increase access to local food, to help maintain the rural character of our town, to enhance the economic viability of local farms and food-related businesses, and to raise awareness about local farming, fishing and food.

The Cape Farm Alliance began life as the “Cape Elizabeth Farm Committee” in 2007, an ad hoc committee of the Town of Cape Elizabeth. We were originally charged with the following outcomes:

  • Educate community about their role in preserving agricultural assets
  • Engage young people in agricultural activities
  • Design a campaign to promote local products/produce
  • Inventory Cape Elizabeth’s agricultural assets
  • Refine agricultural definitions and related ordinance language
  • Draft a report of findings and required actions for Town Council

In short, our mission is “Ensuring Cape Elizabeth’s Farming Future.” The longer version of our mission is: To bring community members together to seek ways to ensure the viability and sustainability of Cape Elizabeth’s agricultural assets, so that all citizens can enjoy the open space, fresh local products, and rural scenery they provide. Get involved in the Cape Farm Alliance today!

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