Is Cape Elizabeth Farm-Friendly?


The Cape Farm Alliance, since its beginnings as the “Cape Elizabeth Farm Committee,” has been active in working with the Town of Cape Elizabeth to ensure that we stay as farm-friendly as possible. (Click here to read a copy of our original founding document.)

In addition to being a general resource for town government and citizens on issues related to farming and agriculture, the Cape Farm Alliance was instrumental in drafting and promoting revisions to the local ordinance that helped ensure our farms’ viability. The changes moved through a public process over several months and were adopted unanimously in 2010.¬†

We continue to provide input whenever an agricultural issue is raised in town, sometimes proactively and sometimes upon request. For example, we developed a position statement regarding roosters in Cape Elizabeth and several of our members are involved in town processes and committees related to land use and open space – The Future Open Space Preservation Committee is one example.


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